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The first and only trivia-based website to win games and skins by answering questions about your favorite video games!


You will need to register to compete in the trivia, and make sure you put your correct steam trade link in the signup, or we won’t be able to send you prizes!

It’s very easy to get started.  Once you register, you will be given credits to compete in the trivia games on our site.  All you need to do is answer all of the questions correctly (12 in each trivia), and you will earn more credits!  You are welcome to take the trivia as often or as little as you’d like to gain credits towards games and prizes.

There are 3 ways to gain credits.  First is to compete in the trivia as explained above.  Second, you are able to purchase scratch tickets with credits!  Try your luck, and you can win more credits! Third is to log in daily.  Every day, you will be given credits for logging in.  All three of these allow you to gain credits to spend in our store for skins and prizes!  Your credits can go negative if you don’t get 100% on the trivia’s you play, so be careful!

Points are currently capped at 10 a day

The goal with us is to have fun and test your knowledge of the games you play.  Any users caught glitching the system or causing any issues that could disrupt the integrity of the site will be banned from using, and forfeit any deposits or winnings on the site at time of removal.

Any additional questions, please refer to our FAQ

Thanks, and Good Luck!